Upcoming Change to Touring Schedule

January 3, 2018

As I'm sure to those of you that have followed me on various social media platforms are aware, I've been working on a new strategy for touring that will give me more time in many of the cities that I visit, in addition to more time at home to enjoy the products of all my hard work. With the exception of a few short breaks, I've largely been on tour since October of 2015.


While I've gotten a chance to do and see quite a few amazing things along the way, from hiking in the Andes, blasting down some of the highest mountain singletrack the country has to offer, and photographing some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world, its time for me to start to settle down a bit. I've has some pretty well defined goals over the last couple years, and the largest one was to build my brand, solidify my reputation as a provider, and build a long-term and reliable client base.




Im sure you've heard the stories from girls before... traveling is a lot of work, and it can have a lot of anxiety to go with it. When I first started touring, I wasn't exactly unknown, however, I was most known for my adult film work and relatively unheard of as a provider because I had worked pretty hard to keep it that way. The huge problem with that is, the smaller footprint that you have, the less likely people are to make the step to get ahold of you. SO I dedicated myself to participating in the review systems in place to achieve that.


Now those of you that have been seeing me pre-perpetual tour know that I specifically requested not to be reviewed, and so on. You also know that changed when, after getting myself delisted in several places, I decided to about face on that and allow reviews. My goal was to go from relative unknown to top of the food chain as quickly as possible. 


While nothing about the particulars of what I do has changed, the manner in which I participate in the systems that have sprung up around it has. So in roughly the last year, I've racked up just short of 100 reviews across multiple platforms, the largest of those platforms being The Erotic Review.


If your just now finding me, it may be worth the time to go read many of those top-notch reviews that have made me the second highest reviewed TS provider in history, an the second provider to have ever made particular lists on certain sites.


I take a great amount of pride in what I do an thought at if I was going to be doing this for any extended period of time, that I might as well participate in reviews (for the moment, we'll see if that changes in the future). Now that I've amassed a pretty healthy catalog of of reviews and established myself as a provider in many of the places I visit, I can now take the time to enjoy the spoils of what that hard work has brought.


So starting in February, I'll be modifying my travel schedule, permanently, to give me maximum amount of time in certain cities, while also giving me time at home (more than the 1-5 days a month). After my trip to NYC, I'll be heading back to the southwest US for a few weeks. My new goal is to travel for two weeks, and be home for 1, or on vacation wherever I feel like being at that point in time. 


I'll also be adding some international travel to the UK, Australia, Colombia, and possibly Peru in the tail end of 2018.


You can expect that, with this new travel schedule, instead of two or three days in cities, I'll most often be spending 5+ days in each ( I started implementing that for Jan already) place, if not considerable more. Once the weather starts to work up around the country, that'll likely change to a week or more in select locations.


This is inevitably going to lead to fewer cities visited. While I've been on the road around this beautiful country of ours, I've found the places that work best for me, and those that don't. Most of the places I've done, well lets say not the greatest, have already been chopped from my travel list, however some markets that just aren't as competitive as others in terms of enticing me to travel there, will likely fall by the wayside as well. I'm still in the process of determining what locations those are, but I'll be sure to keep you all updated on that as I make those decisions.


In the next couple months, I'll be visiting ABQ, SLC, and Reno for the first time but making a few trips to places like Vegas, Scottsdale/Phoenix, San Diego, LA, and Palm Springs. Make sure to check in on my calendar occasionally, as I update it continuously. Its the best place to find a complete picture of what My travel schedule will look like for the coming months, with changes in the works, and what it'll start to look like for the rest of 2018.


Finally, I also wanted to bring up something I know a lot of you really haven't wanted to hear, but have known was in the work from day 1. I'm still planning on making a "soft retirement" in 2020. I'll be radically reducing my travel at that point in time and will no longer be advertising to new clients. All travel will be reduced to a few days a month, but mostly revolving around just vacationing. So while thats still a few years off, I wanted to put that into peoples heads as it'll no doubt go by just as quickly as the last few years have.


I hope to see you all in the next year!

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