What is "post-op"?

Put most simply, it means Ive got  a vagina. There are many medical procedure that can go along with being transgender. However, most commonly refer to gender confirmation surgery as "the surgery", or what they're talking about when they say ""post-op". I got "the surgery" on December 31st, 2018 and couldn't be happier about it.

Do you have an incall space?

Yes. I spend a great deal of time selecting the perfect locations on my travels. You can be asured that the location is an upscale 4 or 5 star and offeres you the maximum amount of discression.

Do you do outcall appointments?

Yes. I understnd that many people are far more comfortable in surrounding familiar to them, so I'm always willing to accomidate that within reason. I only do outcalls to 4 and 5 star hotels and upscale private residences. All hotels require full legal name in addition to any other information necessary for screening.

I've called you several times and you haven't answered, why?

While I understand that most provider prefer phone calls, unfortunaly I don't. I am often in locations where I dont have the luxury of dicression in my communication. I prefer text messages or email as my primary means of communication, unless I've seen you before. Further, I do not do same day bookings, so a quick message or thoughful email is the most expedient means of contacting me. If you've emailed or messaged me and I havent responded, please consider that I'm generally a very active person. I may be in an extended booking with a wonderful indivudual, producing some of the amazing adult film youve probaly watched, or deep in the woods outside of cell service tearing up mountian trails. I'm a wanderlust spirit and at times my travels can reduce my ability to respond quickly, so just sit tight and I'll often respond within 24 hours.

Being respectful during our correspondence is not optional. I do not tolerate vulgarity nor do I tolerate large volumes of messages or emails.  I will not hesitate to promptly delete and block any attempts at engaging me in inappropriate language or abusive messaging.

As long as youve been respectful in your correspondence, I can gaurntee you'll get a response. Finally, I encourage everyone to contact me from my screening form, but if you choose to contact me outside of that mode, please be detailed in your correspondence. Its very unlikely I'll respond to messages stating "you available", "HRU BB", or similar, so please take a moment in composing your message to attract my attention.

Why do you need 24hrs notice for booking?

I absolutly love what I do and wouldnt trade it for anything. However, in order to maintain a constate state of travel and provide you with an experience as a capstone to all others, I need to plan accordingly. During my travels I've found that when I have maximum time to plan my day, the quality of the experience ive become known for increases near exponentially. Also, as a provider that takes a great amount of care in her appointments, I like to have appropriate time to be fresh and rested for every booking I take, so arranging those bookings to best maximize my time to allow that is important. Very rarely will I even entertain same day bookings, so Please do not ask.

I want to know what I can expect during our session?

For those unfamiliar with me, I encourage you to read many of my superb reviews. Many of the wonderful gentlemen and ladies I've seen have taken the time to write some very thoughtful reviews. If you follow each link, you can read more detailed accounts. Unfortunately I don not discuss my sessions, so please do not ask, though I am generally amenable to most activities.

What makes you different than other TS providers? Your rates are a lot higher...

What you see is what you get. I'm a firm beleiver in truth in advertising. Unlike the deceptive practices of other providers, I stand behind who I am, the name that I've built, and the experience I've become known for. I take a great amount of pride in the labor I've done to give you a firecracker of a personality wrapped in a tanned and toned package. I only work with photographers--when I'm not the person taking picture of myself--who beleive in minimal photo editiing. I beleive that when we meet, there should be no surprises waiting behind the door, so photo accuracy is esential. Finally, I never have any hidden cost to the time we spend together;I will never ask for more, nor offer less.

Do you have a cancelation policy?

Yes, I do have a cancelation Policy...

I operate on a no fault system, so if for any reason either part needs to cancel, theres no explanation needed. I do my very best to make sure we work together to come up with the most opportune time to fit an amazing experience into your schedule and I adjust mine, as necessary, to make that happen. With that, there is a significant expense in late cancelations, so I do require cancelations fees for certain cancelations, those are as follows:

24hrs+: no fee

23;59-12hrs: 50% of session rate

11:59-0hrs: 75% of session rate

No advance cancelation notice: Full rate, in addition to dissolution of a future relationship

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